Integration of freePBX with lagcy PBX exchange

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i am new to forum, i just install the AstriskNOW and it is working firn with SIP extensions. we already have lgacy PBX panasonic kx tda 100-200. i want to know how can i integrate freePBX with old lagacy panasonic exchange. i want some depth knowledge about this matter.


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The bad news is you typically won’t get ‘in depth’ knowledge in a forum response. You typically get general guidance that will point you to self enlightenment.

Typically you integrate legacy systems through the use of DAHDI devices or gateways. The device will depend on how your legacy PBX connected to the pstn.

For me the best way to interconnect them is using a PRI card in both systems and running QSig. This will allow you to have just one big system. Dial from one side to the other, no DID issues, nothing.

You can use the Panasonic SIP trunk and connect them to asterisk, but then you’re restricted to using it as a trunk and you stated you wanted SIP extension off the asterisk connected to the TDA.

I’m a Panasonic and Schmoozecom dealer if you really want to get this working, PM me.

There are many solutions to integrate with a “legacy” PBX. Perhaps start with

To get your feet wet.

You will need to define what sort of integration you want, complete or just kindof to connect the two then choose FXO,FXS,TDMA(T1/E1/BRI) or SIP/H323 depending on what you have and what it can do, generally it is quite easy to do that bit, but seamless integration needs a little “hand -rolling”, for example probably the biggest “gotcha” is who will handle the Voicemail and how do you turn the lights on/off on the other system, next is you will need to decide whether the hybrid system will be a key-system or a PBX, Panasonics generally like being key-systems, FreePBX , well I’ll let you guess that one. Catch22 here, neither really likes being the other thing :slight_smile:

With the Panasonic running Qsig across the PRI’s. Tell Asterisk that PRI trunk group is internal. Cross over cable of use the switch on the Panasonic. In Asterisk Dahdi will set you all up, just change trunk context to internal.

Left each system do its own voice mail. You can use one auto attendant. Set Panasonic dial plan for the trunk group the PRI is in your private trunk group. On the Asterisk you need to build the dial plan so you can dial Pan ext and dial out and because your an Asterisk guy now, external calls don’t require a prefix 9. if you set is all up that way.

Use asterisk for take all the more user and conf bridge. use is as sip trunks to other Panasonic system; Take inbound IAX calls.

The Panasonic can’t turnoff the MWL of the asterisk phones. And if you make the Panasonic voice mail turn on the MW lamps the transfer between the system is delayed.

Having the Panasonic CO facing gives you most options.

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Ishtiaqaj - It is not proper to ask someone for their email in a forum. They were kind enough to give you some information. If you want someone to help you directly you should click on support and pay the people that do this for a living.