Integration of calendars in FreePBX

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I want to integrate an Ical calendar in call routing. This call routing is not done in FreePbx, but in additional configuration files (created by VisualDailPlan). The calendar function in FreePBX is available (and configured), but I can’t find the calendar.conf, so I expect that this is stored in a database.

Is it possible to use this calendar information in standard asterisk call routing configs and if so is there documentation available that I can use ?

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Not sure I completely understand what you are trying to achieve. If it’s routing based on the calendar imported in the calendar module, then you can create a time condition which is tied to a calendar event, place a call that loops through that TC and review the logs to see what it does.

Another option might be, to use the official API, refer to the Wiki for instructions.

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Routing in my situation is not done via the default Freebpx GUI / Functions. Most of the configuration is defined in e.g extensions_custom.conf that refers to extra functionality not controlled by Freepbx (but 3rd party tooling).

I would like to access the calendar defined in Freepbx “outside” the default GUI functions in Freepbx in the extensions_custom.conf as depicted below via a Freepbx function call.

exten => Bel,1,Goto(1,lbl_IVR-mainmenu-open_2)

;Google Calender integration

Or can I use calendar.conf on top of Freepbx or can I use something like Hooking Calendar or use a GoSub in my [context] of the dailplan?

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There is but that is more with module development in mind.

You can call the agi directly in your dialplan or you can write your own agi script and use the methods mentioned.

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Can you provide more details on how to call the agi directly in my dialplan? Seems very technical to me :wink:

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Very. 5th level mage technical. would be a good start. It’s a tutorial with examples.

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After reading your previous post, I googled “AGI” and that indeed resulted in that tutorial… But I never had the intention to learn a programming language to solve my challenge :sunglasses:

No subroutine or standard asterisk calendar config I can use in a custom extension of the dialplan ?

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Nope - it really is 5th level mage stuff. It’s not hard to get there, but it’s going to take some time on your part. As the system moves forward, someone will get it working to do what you need and then you’ll be golden.

Now, having said that, AGI is language agnostic. Use the tutorial as an example and implement your activities in whatever language you’re comfortable with.

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