Integrating PBX with SIP trunk and Skype for business over ChanSIP

Is it possible to integrate freepbx with a Sip Trunk provider and Skype for Business at the same time?
The reason why I am wondering because SIP trunk provider uses 5060, Chansip using 5160
Skype for Business using 5060 but TCP and Chansip has 5160 tcp.

Would this work? wouldn’t there be any port conflict in this case? I tried to integrate it but I have problem with calling from Skype for Business to FreePBX after I integrated my Sip Trunk provider.

I would appreciate any reply
Thank you

You can set the local SIP port to literally be anything in the range from 1025 to 65535. For your own sanity, stick with something you can remember down in the 5000-8000 range, but there’s no reason why you have to use 5060 or 5160 for your incoming call service from your ITSP.

Hi Dave,
I didn’t mean what should I set the local port to, I mean is it possible to connect more than one trunk to Chan SIP ? Can I connect 2 different PBXs and Sip trunk provider on Chan SIP ?

Assuming that my SIP trunk provider is connected to FreePBX on port 5160 (Inbound), Can Skype for Business use the same port to connect or would this be a problem?

Thank you

You can connect as many SIP trunks as you wish, provided your system can handle it.

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Thank you, I managed to get it going by adding a static route on Edge that points to the network where FreePBX is residing.

I was just wondering if the port 5060 bound to chan sip can handle being connected to more than a sip trunk and the answer is yes.

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