"Integrating" FreePBX with monday.com

Good afternoon!

We are setting up monday.com as our CRM and we are looking for ways to get the most of out it (and the tools that we currently are using).

We have FreePBX and we are using ClearlyIP desk phones.

We will be setting up information in monday.com that shows a telephone number. Is there a way that when one of our users clicks the telephone number that it can be sent to that user’s desk phone?

Read up and see if this will meet your needs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM+Link) - PBX GUI - Sangoma Documentation (atlassian.net)

The most supported way would probably be to use their softphone, Sangoma Phone.

I know ClearlyIP has a softphone product, but I don’t believe it has that option, at least not that I saw quickly looking over their (quite thorough) documentation.

I’ve personally used Sangoma Phone and it works as expected with this feature. As long as the machine has Sangoma Phone set as handling tel: protocol and you have it enabled as their documentation says, then a simple click will make the desk phone ring and upon answering the outbound call takes place.

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