Integrated softphone

(GustavoP23) #1

Hi qmetric guys!! I’m trying the new agent’s page and it is great but I’m not able to make the new integrated softphone work with freepbx… I know that’s a beta feature but I’d like to try it!

thanks! gus

(Kbeq) #2

You need to provide your environment (API versions…) and describe of “not working”. I am saying early here, before the admins get angry :wink:

(Loway) #3

Hi Gustavo,

thank you for contacting us and for your interest in QueueMetrics.

As kbeq already said, if you could give us more information about your system it would be much more easy for us to help you.

What’s not working exactly?
The softphone appears on the agent’s page?

Meanwhile I’m sending the link to a manual about QueueMetrics’ softphone integration with FreePBX:


Loway Team