Integrate FREEPBX and A2Billing

I’ve a question about installing Freepbx and A2billing,
I’ve seen some tutorials how to install A2billing on freepbx but nothing works for me at all, I’m using freepbx 15,
Is there any working guides that some of you have used and works ?
Also is there any build in freepbx with a2billing so i can download and install it ?
So in general i will take all the advice what should i do to set up freepbx and A2billing.

Doubtful that anyone here will help you with that. A2Billing is long since dead because it’s not updated for any recent versions of Asterisk.

2nd’ed You will likely have to figure out how to make it work yourself, which is a losing proposition. If you were going to invest effort, you would likely get more by taking the CDRs tables and making something yourself.

Lastly, Not sure if this will fit your need, but Sangoma does offer a Call Accounting commercial module:

We’ve been playing with mangus billing lately. Install was easy. Support is $40 per hour. Asterisk underneath. In 2021 believe it or not Im trying to make calling cards work.

I started the arduous process of installing a program called FreeSide ( It handles a lot of cool stuff, including calling cards, but the Open Source version is not well supported by the community. I called Ivan Kohler and talked to him about it. The commercial side of the business is still going fine, but he just couldn’t carry the Open Source side and his business customers both. If an active OSS community was to try it. They might like it.

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