Instructions for the Directory Module

Is there an overview of how the Directory Module is supposed to work?
I created a Misc App that goes to the directory but nothing is returning when I try and search

When Created the directory I set it as default, its the only one. All of the entries have greyed out text and are set to “voicemail greeting” I tried TTS and Spell name but nothing seems to be working.
Maybe I am going about it completely wrong

My end goal is a directory that someone can Dial into and search based on extension name. Speech recognition would also be slick but dial is fine for now.

If you are somebody that is connected to the directory when calling in you are supposed to type in the first three letters of whatever extension you have added to the directory to get connected to it. The name and extension to dial are grayed out because it pulls that information directly from the extension that you’ve added. Voicemail Greeting is the default name announcement for the extension after the caller dials the first three letters of the name of the person that they are trying to reach so you want everyone with an extension to record their name inside of their VM greeting.

You can hover over the various ? around the page to get descriptions about what things mean and how they are meant to work.

So Why wouldn’t it return any results after Dialing the first 3 digits of an extension that is on the list? Am I just being dumb and dialing wrong? haha
To search for Jim I would dial 546 right?

You’ll need to provide some log results for us to be able to tell you why it’s not working.

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