Instant Dial

Hello everyone,

Im still a voip newb and have worked mostly with trixbox, however I am trying to setup a small freepbx system with 5 grandstream gxp-2100 and 2 gxp-2124 phones. I have them all registered with the server and can assign numbers to the speed dial buttons ect… what I cannot do is make phone calls. HAHA Whenever you try to dial anything the phone instantly dials the first digit you press. Then eventually report a “No dial plan rules Rr” on the phone display. This baffles me because in the 10 or so systems Ive set up in a lab this has always been the first thing working. Get phones registered with server - assign extension - internal calling works - then get trunks/inbound/outbound routes setup.

Am I missing something here? Thanks in advance!

You need to configure the dial plan on your phones.

So it seemed to fix the problem when I did not use the nmap autodiscovery function and made a template for each phone type. The gxp-2100 are working fine and one of the gxp-2124 is working the other 2124 is doing the same thing?!?!? I used the same templat on both gxp-2124’s