Installing TrixBox 2.6.22

Good afternoon,

I’m trying to replicate an older PC which has Trixbox installed on it but cannot find the idiots guide to installing it on a new PC.

I have the downloaded as an ISO so just need to know what to do next!



Migrating it using would be a much better idea…

This has not been maintained for years (2009?( and is sure to be full of security issues…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately i cannot migrate it as it is on a remote site!

I need to replicate it here and then upgrade it to the newest version then swap it over!


Trixbox is super easy to install. I assume you’ve managed to download the .iso? Burn the ISO image onto a cd or mount it in a VM image and boot from it. It’s a “next next next” install. Once it’s done http to the IP address and start using it.

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Hi Dickson,

I have created a bootable USB stick and it now starts the install process. However, i get the error “Unable to download the kickstart file”. What next!?


We don’t know what you’re trying to do, but I can’t help but think that if you’re installing Trixbox you are doing something wrong. Why can’t you migrate to a supported system?

I dunno…maybe you have invalid network settings. Are you doing this on a baremetal machine? Or VM? I really suggest doing this in a vm. who knows if that old TB install would even fully recognize modern hardware.

Thanks for both of your replies, our scenario is…

Trixbox is installed onto a very old PC on a remote site 200 miles away.

I need to install Trixbox onto a new baremetal PC in our office here and then restore a backup from the remote machine. Then i’m going to upgrade the machine here to get to the newest version and then finally install an ISDN card into the PC. I’ll then take the machine to the remote site and swap them over.

I can’t go to the site and start messing around with their current installation as i’ve never done this before and don’t want to ruin a live system.

Of course if there is any other way to do it then let me know.


I know of no way to upgrade a Trixbox in place to anything resembling a supported version of anything.

The upgrade path with TB is ugly. You would be far better off to install the newest distro of FreePBX on a baremetal machine, cut your losses and just manually copy the the configs from one machine to the other.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED TB and did so many deployments with it, but that system needs to be put to rest.

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Hi guys,

Thanks again for your replys, this certainly helps me with what i need to do going forwards.

Ok so i’ll download the newest FreePBX from here, install it and then add extensions etc from fresh. Luckily there is only 45 extensions with some DDI’s so shouldn’t take to long!


You can export the extensions into a CSV and use the Bulk Handler to pull them back in. That should save you a few minutes.