Installing Pbxact or SNG7 on cloud server

Good day,

We have our own cloud hosting environment and the prefered method for installing our cloud server in containers. Since I cannot install the official distro in a container I would like to know if this is possible? I.e boot up a centos 7 container and install the official distro on top of it or just install Freepbx 14 on top of centos and then convert to PBXact?

Also, in terms of rebranding, can anyone point me to the right method or link and maybe explain costing arround it?

Also, what is the cost for installing pbxact on our own cloud server?

We have many unaofficial VMs (containers) running FreePBX14 but I would like to make the swtich over to official so that we can offer our clients UC functionality.


The short answer is no. PBXact is a full commercial version of the Distro of SNG7, which is the OS. Containers are not officially supported. So if you want to do things officially the environment you run in would have to be changed.

Thanks, So then how would I go about hosting Freepbx on a cloud hosted server? With 3cx I have the ability to run in a cluster. I will do some digging and testing on a container environment. I know you can install freepbx on centos 7 without the distro. But I suppose that would not be official. I can however install on a VM in the cloud which would not be a container but would make backup and restore a bit more manual than the current system.

So in terms of customizing the look of the PBX?

Commercial modules require the Distro to run on them. You cannot get commercial module support in CentOS 7, just not happening. Therefore, no commercial modules means no ability to even consider PBXact.

As for the branding, you can already brand certain things on your own but the Sangoma copyrights and other trademarks must stay in place and cannot be altered. In order to do so you would need your own OEM version of the Distro which can be very expensive.

So again, your current environment is not suited for anything official because it’s not an officially support environment and everything official requires you to have the Distro.

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