Installing on NUC6i7KYK

I am trying to install FreePBX on a NUC6i7KYK. I get a “can’t find device” error and choices to get driver from other media.
There is no indication which device needs a driver.

Anyone run into this?

Depending on your underlying OS/distribution I would guess the Intel 1G network driver might well be missing.

It’s the latest 6.12 distribution
I plugged in a USB/Gbit adapter and it began running the install (with a warning that it is not supported on Centos).
I’m guessing I’ll need to get linux driver for the on-board NIC from somewhere.

That would be correcr.

The install finished and I get a kernel panic during boot…

I would fire up a live Linux and look at /var/log/messages

The live Centos CD would not boot but Ubuntu does. The NIC is an e1000e. If I compile the driver and put the files on a USB drive, will Centos be looking for the e1000e.o file?

You an download the correct installable
binary package for your cpu from Intel .

We install VMware 6.x and then FreePBX, works like a champ. we have about 20 of them depoyed that way.

I got the FreePBX installer to run by attaching a USB 1Gb network adapter.

I only found the source for the e1000e on the Intel site and I installed that but although the adapter can ping itself, I can’t ping out anywhere and it doesn’t get a DHCP address.

I also did a test install of ubuntu on that same system earlier and it installed without a problem and the NIC worked fine.

Interesting idea. Thanks.

Quick solution that covers both suggestions. Install proxmox from usb stick and which is KVM/LXC/debian based and includes the driver then make a few freepbx’ from any iso image of choice or maybe add a windoze or plex server as vm’s. You have plenty enough horsepower to do all that and run s desktop of choice locally on the host.

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