Installing on broken screen laptop

I am upgrading FreePBX from 14 to 16 on a Dell laptop with a broken screen. I have the ISO on a bootable USB. I can enter BIOS (F2) and share screen (F8) to see the start of the installation on a separate monitor. Everything seems to be going nicely. Then it reaches a point early in the process and I lose the connection to the spare monitor. F8 doesn’t work to bring it back up (like it does at the start of the process).
Any tips how I can get that connection back up so I can go through the steps to complete the upgrade.

Have you tried Fn+F8 keys to switch active video displays?

That works initially, and then part way through the installation the screen goes blank and Fn F8 doesn’t work after that.

Maybe try ‘nomodeset’ on Linux command line when booting.

Do you mean at the grub prompt?

OK, so a much better solution than all of that: I chose the blind installation (Automated Installation) and left it alone. I had no way of knowing when it had finished installing. But later I removed the usb and rebooted. The login screen was visible on the shared screen. I used the password SangomaDefaultPassword and it gave me access to a brand new installation with an IP address and I could access through the GUI from there.

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