Installing missing modules

I recently installed a new FreePBX Distro (14)
I deleted the modules I didn’t need and configured the system
but every morning I get mail that the lost modules are installed …

This is an automatic notification from your FreePBX (VoIP Server) server.
Installing missing modules: accountcodepreserve, amd, areminder, arimanager,
asterisk-cli, broadcast, bulkhandler, callback, callerid, callforward,
calllimit, callwaiting, cidlookup, conferencespro, cos, customappsreg,
cxpanel, dahdiconfig, daynight, dictate, digium_phones,
digiumaddoninstaller, directory, disa, donotdisturb, endpoint,
extensionroutes, fax, faxpro, freepbx_ha, hotelwakeup, iaxsettings, irc,
ivr, miscapps, miscdests, paging, pagingpro, parking, parkpro, pbdirectory,
phpinfo, pinsets, pinsetspro, pms, presencestate, printextensions,
queueprio, queues, queuestats, qxact_reports, recording_report, restapi,
restapps, ringgroups, sangomacrm, sipstation, sms, speeddial, superfecta,
vega, vmblast, vmnotify, voicemail_report, vqplus, webrtc, xmpp, zulu

I enter the admin area - and there all the modules that I deleted yesterday are really installed again

What is it and how to disable?


You have auto updates enabled. If you want the module gone for good, use disable not uninstall.

I have disabled automatic updates.

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