Installing FreePBX web Interface

How do I create FreePBX web version to work with Windows?

Are you asking how to build a windows compatible version of FreePBX?

yes, I need windows compatible version

Question makes no sense, start from the beginning and describe what you need to do.

You’d be working to do this by yourself as I am not aware of any projects to do this.

  • You could run a Virtualbox in windows that runs a linux version of FreePBX.
  • FreePBX is just a web interface, which can be used in Windows, but the backend server would be Linux.
  • Considering if you have x86 hardware already for Windows, you can get Linux and FreePBX for no additional costs.
  • With Windows 10 you can run Linux applications, but I am certain you will run into trouble, and likely would need to figure it out yourself.
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I don’t know whether this is relevant to your question, but FreePBX under Hyper-V is quite common and you’ll find lots of posts about it.

I’m not sure I understand the question… you either install FPBX on hardware on-premise, or install it in a virtual box or hosted setup on something like Vultr or Digital Ocean…

What are you trying to accomplish? Whats your use scenario? Number of extensions?

Probably best suited to just set up on Vultr. Cheap and easy.

as others have said, if you “MUST” run windows on your server, my recommendation would be to run the freepbx-linux via a virtual machine, whether its hyper-v, proxmox, vmware, etc.

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