Installing FreePBX on VirtualPC


I’m trying to install distro on MS VirtualPC 6.0
Everything goes ok until the step of target disk selection.
Message “No useable disks have been found” appears and all I can do is to exit installer.
I tried to make different VPCs on different computers, but nothing changes. I’m not new to MS VPC, but I’ve got this situation only now with FreePBX…
VPCs I create have 1Gb RAM and 40Gb HDD
Please help me to install distro on VPC
PS I’trying to install latest stable i386 release
(Stable-4.211.64-7, Release Date-09-20-13).

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Setup disk controller as IDE in Virtual Machine settings.

As I can see browsing VM’s config, it’s already IDE.
Is there a way to switch to command line during installation process?
It may be helpful to make some diagnostics and to install needed drivers.

FreePBX version 3.211.63-10 successfully installs on the same VM configuration.
So I see that trouble is in updated installation module. It seems that it has limited HDD controller support.
So is there a solution to install most current version of FreePBX to a MS VirtualPC 6.0 machine?