Installing FreePBX on Centos 6.6

Hi All,

I’ve just bought a new VPS thats running CentOS 6.6 and I’ve used the guide on the wiki for FreePBX on CentOS 6.5 ( but I’m getting errors all over the place and its just refusing to install FreePBX 12.

I’m wondering if there is a version for CentOS 6.6 that I can use?

The mind readers here don’t work at the weekend :wink: What errors? and what particularly is “refusing to install”. FreePBX will install on a properly configured Linux machine of almost any flavor, there is only a minimum requirement (and to an extent a possible maximum requirement of some elements) of Asterisk, PHP, MYSQL et al. and a Web server you should probably stay with Apache for that. RH 6.6 meets all those requirements.

I would suggest you start over from step one and pay absolute attention to every step this time.

If you’re having problems, a good suggestion is to actually tell us what problems you’re having. Like… Errors. When it says ‘Unable to find MYSQL’ and you haven’t installed MYSQL, it’s often something you can resolve yourself.

But. Errors.


I was assuming the errors were because I’m using CentOS 6.6 not 6.5 which I why I was asking if there was an updated guide, but I’ve managed to install 6.5 on a droplet.

I’m getting further this time however following the guide, in section ** Restart Asterisk and install FreePBX.

cd /usr/src/freepbx
./start_asterisk start
./install_amp --installdb --username=asteriskuser --password=${ASTERISK_DB_PW}

I ran the above code line by line and this is the error I get:

[[email protected] freepbx]# ./install_amp --installdb --username=asteriskuser --password=${ASTERISK_DB_PW}
Checking for PEAR DB..OK
Checking for PEAR Console::Getopt..OK
Using username: asteriskuser
Using password: ******
Checking user..OK
Checking if Asterisk is running..running with PID: 3717..OK
Checking for /etc/amportal.conf../etc/amportal.conf does not exist, copying default
Creating new /etc/amportal.conf
Enter your USERNAME to connect to the 'asterisk' database:
 [asteriskuser] myname
Enter your PASSWORD to connect to the 'asterisk' database:
 [amp109] password
Enter the hostname of the 'asterisk' database:
Enter a USERNAME to connect to the Asterisk Manager interface:
Enter a PASSWORD to connect to the Asterisk Manager interface:
 [amp111] password
Enter the path to use for your AMP web root:

PHP Warning:  mkdir(): File exists in /usr/src/freepbx/libfreepbx.install.php on line 197
[FATAL] Cannot create /var/www/html!
[[email protected] freepbx]#

I checked and /var/www/html already exists, but it looks like the script can’t just ignore it

Any idea how I can continue?

Any ideas guys?
I’m not sure how to get it to ignore the mkdir - unless I edit the php script :frowning:

Try removing the /var/www/html directory.
rm -rf /var/www/html