Installing FreePBX on a current Debian machine

Hi everybody,

i’ve written a little how-to for installing FreePBX 2.10 on a current Debian Wheezy. Please feel free to read and comment/correct me:


Could you localize your freepbx setup and use it in non-english ?
I’m banging my head on this and would be very curious to know if someone could localize and use freepbx.


Do you need the GUI localized or the playback sunds? Which language?

I need to localize GUI in french (sounds are already localized in french and correctly played).

I can see amp.po files in various locations but in my system (Squeeze, asterisk 1.8), picking any non-english entry in the top right corner scrolling list, does not change the GUI (which remains in english).

Don’t if this could be a root cause, but I think that PHP is hardened with suhosin in my system.
I’ve seen this troubling some applications (SugarCRM, for instance).
I’ve not tried yet to revert this suhosin without being confirmed that Freepbx GUI can be localized, first.

Mine doesn’t work either, and i’m not sure if it ever worked on the CentOS Distro version of FreePBX…

I just looked at my amp.po files in my languages dir (i18n/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES): everything is in english!

  1. I looked at
    and /var/www/admin/modules/fw_langpacks/htdocs/admin/i18n/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/amp.po

Both have localized content but the french seems more complete. See:

msgid "Tools"
msgstr “Outils”

msgid "Setup"
msgstr “Configuration”

msgid "Call Cost"
msgstr “Coût des appels”

msgid "FreePBX Administration"
msgstr “”

#, php-format
msgid "Exit code was %s and output was: %s"
msgstr “Code sortie était %s et message de sortie était: %s”

msgid "Tools"
msgstr “”

msgid "Setup"
msgstr “Einstellungen”

msgid "Call Cost"
msgstr “”

msgid "FreePBX Administration"
msgstr “”

#, php-format
msgid "Exit code was %s and output was: %s"
msgstr “”

  1. I also looked at /var/www/admin/i18n/fr_FR/LC_MESSAGES/amp.po.
    Its content is also translated.
    The strange thing is that both files have the exact same content but none is linked to the other.

@david-a :
A. At least, on Freepbx main screen, can you read “Einstellungen” somewhere ?
B. Have anyone met ou read about someone having a successfully running Freepbx with a localized GUI ? In other words, does this work for someone else ?

@Olivier: Non, je ne vois pas “Einstellungen” :wink: Mais, ce n’est pas important pour nous. Et je n’ais pas rencontrée des personnes qui donnent un coup a quelqu’un ici :frowning:


So, if my understanding is correct :

  1. We both could not get any localized Freepbx GUI,
  2. We don’t use if this ever worked for someone else
  3. We can’t really tell if this is a mistaken within our installation and configuration process or if this is a bug somewhere (Freepbx, PHP, …).

Do you agree ?

Hi Olivier,

yes, i agree. But from my side, i can live with a non-loclized GUI. I have a different problem right now: my CDR isn’t working with the machine i’ve installed with the sample i provided. I’ve had a second thought at it and added some changes to the description, yet i would like to know if anyone else has used my installation exmaple and is experiencing any problems.

What do you mean by “my CDR isn’t working” ?
/var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv file is empty or is content is incorrect ?

No, the file doesn’t exist. And i want the CDR data to be stored to a local database. Maybe i need to configure DB access via ODBC and not native MySQL in Asterisk. I’m currently investigating and will include any results in my how-to.

I’ve updated the description, would be great if anyone else can confirm that it works :wink:

I would like to re-phrase my second question (after I could successfully fill my MySQL CDR database with data).

Could you tweak Freepbx config to use an ODBC driver to read and write data to a MySQL database, so that deprecated res_config_mysql and cdr_mysql could be safely ignored in asterisk’s menuselect config ?

  1. Reading your description again, I’m wondering if you tried to use Flash Operator Panel ?
    If positive, could you make it work and how did you configure Flash Operator Panel daemon’s start ?

  2. In my Squeeze setup, file /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv is correctly filled with data but CDR database in MySQL is empty.
    Do you confirm your CDR database in MySQL is correctly filled ?
    If positive,
    did you install unixODBC (and so on) ?
    what is the output of your “cdr show status” ?

I haven’t installed the FOP from the module admin so far, so i can’t really say anything about that.

I’ve just updated my blog today. Now, i don’t install asterisk from source anymore but from apt repositories and CDR hence works fine (stored in MySQL database). I’ll be attending the OTTS next week and i hope this will give me some more insight on FreePBX.


Thanks to an helpful answer from another forum, I could successfully localize Freepbx GUI on a Squeeze platform typing “dpkg-reconfigure locales” and selecting every “fr_FR” entry before restarting Freepbx.

In my previous setup, only an “fr_FR.UTF-8” was generated.

Now, the only remaing issue I have is how to tame FOP and start it along Asterisk, the Debian way.