Installing FreePBX distro on a cloud instance (from ovh) - best practice?

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Hello everybody,

in order to rund freepbx distro on a cloud instance (in my case from ovh) untill now I install freepbx distro in docker with the following image :

I know from former readings that it is not adviced to run freepbx in a docker container.

I wonder if there is any advice on how to install freepbx distro on a cloud instance.

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If you want a supported method, then you have to use the actual distro from the available ISO file.

The only way to do that is to use a host that lets you load a custom ISO file to boot the host to initially. Most well know of that is Digital Ocean and Vultr.

Google tells me that OVH also support this.

Once you mount the ISO and boot, it is just follow along the normal FreePBX installer like if you were on a local machine.

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Hey Jared, thanks a lot for your feedback !

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I tried something like that once and the server was hammered by bots trying to brute force my extensions. It was so bad the server logs filled up after 3 days and crashed the whole thing from a lack of harddrive space.

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Don’t open the firewall?


Don’t accept anonymous/guest invites on UDP/5060.

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