Installing FreePBX On Ubuntu Server 12.04 Onward

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone personally installed FreePBX and Asterisk on the latest Ubuntu server 12.04? If so, could you list the necessary steps or point me to an up-to-date tutorial? I have been unsuccessful in finding an up-to-date guide for doing this with the latest Ubuntu. I’m currently running FreePBX and Asterisk on CentOS release 5.7 (Final); which was all installed using the FreePBX Distro ISO. I am more comfortable with Ubuntu (Debian) based distros than CentOS (Red Hat) distros. Plus, I would like to take full advantage of the numerous Debian packages as my FreePBX server is way under utilized. I truly believe if there were a FreePBX package in the Debian repositories it would greatly increase community involvement and be very beneficial to it’s cause! Any help is always greatly appreciated!

I suggest you compile Asterisk/Dahdi/libpri etc. from scratch as the Ubuntu/Debian apt-get will put a lot of stuff in “the wrong place” and leave you with quite an outdated Asterisk.

There are a couple of posts on these fora that might give a clue as for example Ubuntu’s apache2 document root is not the same as Centos httpd document root, and for ease of use you might want to change the user/group of the apache2 service to asterisk/asterisk

Download FreePBX directly and edit the install script to suit before running it.

Perhaps I should also point out that this particular forum is prefaced by:-

Place to ask questions, give suggestions, seek help from the community on FreePBX Disto related issues. Issues around FreePBX not specifically related to the distro are better posted in the various FreePBX threads.

Thank you for the information and I will move to the another forum. By chance, do you know if performing package updates on Ubuntu server with Asterisk and FreePBX installed from source is discouraged or incouraged? Also, is there any negative impact when performing upgrades via the “Module Admin” on FreePBX?

If you did as I suggest, install all from source, then apt will not mess with you. If your kernel changes significantly then you will probably need to recompile dahdi. FreePBX is upgradable as it is just a html/php/mysql frontend to Asterisk, as yet there are some hardcoded bits that assume a redhat based OS, I take the path of least resistance and modify my Debian based systems (as is Ubuntu) to suit, (I wish I did not have to do that)

Any “Commercial” Shmooze addons, even the free ones, will need that you install Zend with all it’s ramifications, otherwise if you limit your use the open-source code it will work just fine, IMHO better than Centos as to hardware recognition and a “better” linux. YMMV