Installing FreePBX 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 ODBC Connector Problems

Hi Folks
Can someone please give me the correct instruction path to download the following:


If I use the command and link to file from the instruction manual, It’s coming back with “Not Found” if I use wget it returns the following:
It resolves the URL to IP address
Then connects to the IP address on port 443
Then get HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 404 Not Found
Then get 2020-05-14 16:44:54 ERROR 404: Not Found.

I’m a new user so can not post the path but from the instruction manual it uses cdn on mysql then it goes to Downloads Then Connector-ODBC Then 5.3 and then the file name.

Please help as I have tried all variations that I can think of.


Hi Terry, try to follow this guide:

Hi Sergio

Thats what I have been doing. The problem seems to be that I am not finding the file / file path is wrong at mysql that’s why it’s coming back with file not found. From my prospective it looks like mysql have changed the file/directory structure and not told anybody :smile:


I am not understanding what you mean with file path
Mysql files should be at /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/ (could be named 50-server.conf or something similar)

If you are talking about /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib they both should exists on your Ubuntu machine.

Sorry Sergio

I’m trying to download the mysql-connector-ODBC-xxxxxxxx file from mySQL. Its the location and filename on the MySQL site that I need. (I think) As per the download and install package instruction under Install MySQL ODBC Connector in Installing FreePBX 14 on Ubuntu 18.04 - FreePBX Opensource Project

Oh, my bad, use this link:

That’s for Ubuntu 18.04 (64 bits)

Perfect worked. Thank you for your help


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