Installing free pbx on a 32 bit computer

Hello everyone. New to free pbx here. I am trying just to set up an internal ip phone system for home, I want all the bedrooms and places communicated with an ip phone for internal only, no calling to exterior. For which I think this program can help me. Since it does require a computer to run and build the ip phone network I am having issues installing free pbx because the version I downloaded is a 64 bit and the computer I plan to use is a 32 bit. My question is: Which version of pbx should I use to run on a 32 bit computer?
thanks in advance

There’s no current version that supports 32bit systems as far as I know.

You can run any version of FreePBX on any linux like system that supports PHP 5.6 (or even 7.4 for newer releases ) with any working web server if it also has a database server that looks like mysql.

In the source code of asterisk is


which when successfully completed and then " ‘configured’ , ‘made’ and ‘make install’ ed’ will let the freepbx source code install


run easier (it will check your given mysql account and the asterisk version running which must be just ‘not too new and not too old’,it will assume your stated ‘webroot’ works)

If either script throws error, then just fix them iteratively before moving on. You can add --help to both scripts for a quickstart

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