Installing Digium G.729 license

I bought the licenses and put them into the GUI under ‘Digium Add-ons’ but nothing seems to be happening. I accepted the terms of service after putting in the license key, but it seems like I’m still in passthrough mode as I can’t call voicemail. The instructions on the digium’s site are for a generic asterisk install (some of the paths listed dont exist in freepbx for example.) How am I supposed to install this license? Via the web gui or via the command line instructions digium provides? If the latter, how do I work around changes freepbx has compared to a generic asterisk install?

Well, I figured this out. The web GUI is totally broken for the digium g729 setup. It often just crashes and the browser returns an error.

I followed the instructions on the digium site and the big difference for me is that my system is 64 bit not 32, so a lot of the paths and utilities were wrong. For example, the .so file goes here:


and the bench app in the instructions is 32-bit only, so you’ll need to find the 64-bit one.

Also picking the .so for Asterisk 11 is important as that’s the version Freepbx uses. More info here:

Hope this helps someone in the future!

Well, I figured this out. The web GUI is totally broken for the digium g729 setup. It often just crashes and the browser returns an error.

Please open a bug at

Yes, I hear you user9000. I had the same exact issue. The instructions on the digium site does not reference anything about putting it into lib64, only mentions lib. Gotcha is on the bench utility too. Ran into all of this over the last couple of days. Took me awhile, but I got it figured out. The web GUI is not working right too, as you noted. I thought maybe I was expecting it to do what it implies it can do, but thought maybe I was expected to put my big boy pants on and go to the CLI to do it. Turns out, yes, I did have to drop into the console and CLI to get it working. This wouldn’t of been so hard it the GUI too would of worked, or the instructions from Digium were careful to point out that the 64bit gets installed to lib64 instead of lib.

See my prior post last couple of days ago: [Solved] Setting g729 on 64bit distro

Yes, we should post a bug report for the GUI portion on working as expected.


I asked the Digium support person to update the instructions to include information about 64-bit servers. It threw me for a loop because I wasn’t at first sure why nothing matched up. I have little to no CentOS experience and have been a Debian/Ubuntu guy for quite some time. I assumed it was because FreePBX moved things around and wasn’t a “standard” asterisk install. Its funny to see things geared to 32-bit in general as its long been on its way out, especially server-side where there’s no cost in using 64-bit other than maybe slightly bigger binaries but you get so much more in return, not just more addressable memory.