Installing Current Release of Freepbx on a dell poweredge 2300

While going through the install I get disks not recognized. I’m currently running the same system on a single hard drive on a Dell precision machine and runs flawlessly for my needs but would like to put on a machine that is more redundant. The 2300 is running 5 drives in a raid 5. Any help would be great.


nobody knows anything about this…great forum

Sarcasm will get you nothing.

I assume you created three RAID volumes (boot, root and swap) and then used the manual partition option or did you just expect the distro (and you didn’t even specify if you are using one) to be able to sort this out for you?

You also asked in FreePBX forum, not Distro forum.

So you tried to install some OS on a Dell with some RAID config and got some error that you didn’t specify and you expect help.

Don’t quit your day job.