Installing chan_sccp manager

Hi all,

I’m completely new to linux and have installed the FreePBX Distro

I am trying to install chan_sccp manager however the doc says to run
mysql -u root asterisk < mysql-v5_enum.sql

This command does nothing. Can someone point me somewhere as the documentation isn’t great.\

EDIT: Found it just needed to cd into conf folder.

I installed chan_sccp_b and the chan_sccp manager night before last and I didn’t have any trouble.

Actually, not totally true - I ended up removing a couple of GCC options from the Makefiles to get the driver to work, but I’ll post that over on the Chan_SCCP_B forums to take care of that. Once I got the “unrecognized option” error (or whatever it was) on the compile fixed, everything went fine.

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