Installing and upgrading modules

Dumb question coming up - I’ve searched the FreePBX site and the web every way I can think of and can’t find the answer.

How do you download and install new modules and module updates for FreePBX?

FC 10
Asterisk compiled locally - standard options
Asterisk-Addons compiled locally - standard options
FreePBX 2.5.1 from tar

Asterisk/FreePBX are up and running,

  • I can make calls between 2 SIP endpoints.
  • I can leave voicemail

System Status page reports 9 modules available for online upgrades and 53 new modules are available.

Can someone please point me to the instructions or tell me how to get and install these modules.


Click on the Tools tab, then Module Admin, then on the Module Administration page click on Check for updates online. You can click on “Upgrade all” at the bottom of the page to get all the upgrades, then click on any uninstalled modules that you want to install, then click on Process when you are finished. Don’t forget to click the orange bar when you are all through. Oh, and if you ever find and install a module to upgrade to a new version of FreePBX, be sure to read the instructions it will show you and follow them exactly.

Thanks wiseoldowl - told you it was a dumb question.

I looked at that page so many times but was too focussed on the menu in the left hand pane to see the update/download options.