It seems that a lot of people who use FreePBX do so by using a prebuilt distribution such as Trixbox, which is fair enough, but I’d like to do a from scratch install so I can use the OS of my choice - Suse 10.2 in this case.

I’ve read all the documentation I can find, I’ve tried multiple times, Ive formatted again and again and constantly failed.

It’s not just a matter of installing asterisk and then freepbx, there’s the changes that need to enable mysql, get it running as asterisk user not root etc etc.

Then Suse10.2 comes with php5, not php5, the mysql version is newer, the apache server seems different, all in all - it’s just too damn hard to build this monster from the ground up.

So, how to make this easier?

Well, I understand making things ‘just work’ on all the flavours of linux is very difficult, but I make an appeal, to all those who have asterisk & freepbx running on an operating system other than CentOS, please, find a couple of hours and build your kit again, in a virtual machine perhaps - and write down every stage you do to get it working.

I know this will be a pain the arse, but it will only take a few hours, and it will save many people in my position a huge amount of trial and error. Hopefully a few people will do this and we can then have real instructions for various platforms.

So, whadda ya say? Anyone up for the task?