If anyone knows how to setup FreePBX up on a VPS for a price feel free to contact me on skype - yaz_1994.


Special, one night only $5000.00 US

Might be cheaper to use one of the authorized FreePBX hosting companies.

Disclosure: I might have a roll at one of those authorized companies

$5000 for what LOL, you must be a nutter to think that someone would actually pay you $5000 for this setup when the program is free itself.

It looks like he is showing you the Value of Knowledge and the Price of ignorance.

Yes the “Program” is free, your knowledge will be eventually priceless, but currently valued at zero :wink:


But, I’ll do it for the special xmas price of USD $4999.

Well that was fun, not nice but fun. Clearly we are both going to get a lump of coal in our stockings from Santa.

You guys are way out of line. Anything over 4995.99 is a rip off.


That’s not fair, poor old yaz123 is paying 20 bucks a month for his machine, surely he can expect someone else top make it work for him for 10% of that, no?

Yes, the program does not diminish, and in fact increases the value of professionals who can work on it. The fact it is free does not make setting it up simple nor a task that someone without experience will have much success at. You have to have Linux, hard core network and telephony skills to pull it off.

Few folks are us well rounded and talented as Dicko and I. After the taco’s I just ate at 1:30 AM I will be even more rounded and probably sleeping alone tonight.