Installation: Pear problem

Hi there,
I’m just trying to install freepbx and I can’t get around the following problem:

Debain 4.0, Plesk, php-pear = installed

XXX:/usr/src/freepbx-2.3.1# ./install_amp
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs/’ - /usr/lib/php5/20060613+lfs/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0
Checking for PEAR DB…FAILED
[FATAL] PEAR must be installed (requires DB.php). Include path: .:.:

  1. about the sybase lib: I don’t have a " " anywhere on that system. Am I missing a package?

  2. What does " Include path: .:.:" mean, can this be the problem?

  3. I don’t get it: Pear is installed. DB.php is in /usr/share/psa-horde/pear/DB.php

Has someone got any hints for me? Thank you so much in advance,

In case someone else happens across this question through a search it appears that there is a missing step depending upon how PEAR was originally installed (I just used the pkg available on Ubuntu). In order to fix this the PEAR DB must be installed/initialized:

#pear install DB

downloading DB-1.7.13.tgz …
Starting to download DB-1.7.13.tgz (132,246 bytes)
…done: 132,246 bytes
install ok: channel://

Just that simple! That should get you over the hump.


Hi there,

I am trying to get freepbx running on a hosted centos 5 server.

When I get to ./install_amp I get the fatal error:

Checking for PEAR DB…FAILED
[FATAL] PEAR must be installed (requires DB.php). Include path: .:

I have tried the suggestion above of pear install DB and get the following error:

Skipping package “pear/DB”, already installed as version 1.7.13
No valid packages found
install failed

I have used the install docs at:

I have checked the mysql db is created using webmin, all looks fine there.

I have yum installed the various pear packages.

Does anyone have any suggestions please. This has obviously killed all progress.

Thanks in advance.

The doc’s you are pointing to work if you build it from Scratch. In your situation the hosting company must have installed it in a non-standard place, or changed the defaults of where it is installed and the include path is NOT pointing to the proper location. You will need to locate where it is installed and update the include path with it’s installed location and try again.

building on my own Centos 5 systems, I found I needed these two:

yum install php-pear-DB
yum install php-mysql

Don’t know what happens if it’s a none-standard system, sorry…

Hi all am a newbie in this field and am trying to install asterisk[for which Freepbx is needed]…So i cudnt complete the installation.
Can anyone give explanation regarding this error…

While executing the command sudo ./install_amp the following error comes…
Connecting to database…FAILED
Try running ./install_amp --username=user --password=pass (using your own user and pass)
[FATAL] Cannot connect to database

Plz dont ignore this…

Please do not hijack a existing thread about one thing for another. Yes you are sort of similar but it is not. You’ll get better answers if you post it as a new question instead of adding to another thread.

The error is pretty clear. Connecting to database…FAILED … [FATAL] Cannot connect to database

So either you do not have mysql installed or you have it installed, but have setup a user name and password that is not what was expected. So the program has output the line you need to run that will tell it what the user and password are for it to use MySQL.

Thanks for all your replies.

It turned out to be the path was incorrect to pear.

All fixed now.

With path is correct ?