Installation of W400

Hello Everyon,

Can someone help me how to install w400 in freepbx. honestly I’m new in Freepbx so can anyone help or give someone procedure how to it W400. it would be appreciate.

best regard,

Have you tried to follow ?
What goes wrong?

actually i dont know how to integrate that why i ask help this forum could you help installing it im not really familiar with it

Why don’t you try starting with explaining what you tried, what error if any you encountered. That way we can try to help.

hello sir arielgrin and sir stewart1 can i contact you in skype so you can support me personally i would really appreciate it a lot.

I would have to insist that you explain at least what have you tried to do. If you didn’t try anything yet, I encourage you to first try and then ask help with specific questions you may have.

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