Installation of FreePBX 16 on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04

Hi. I’m a very beginner with FreePBX 16. I need to install the system on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 in AWS. I do not want to start from a pre-baked AMI, but I’d like to install the system on a fresh machine. My questions:

  • is this feasible? I haven’t found an official guide, and I’m going to follow the process for Debian 10 from the Wiki
  • in the process above, there’s the following warning:


that sounds a little bit problematic. Isn’t there a way to install commercial modules in this type of installations? I can start to another fresh OS as well. I’d just like to know if it’s possible in some sway.

Any hints are appreciated :slight_smile:

Open source (non-commercial) versions of FreePBX will install on Ubuntu 22.04 but there are some caveats to this. The IncrediblePBX project offers installation on Debian 10, Debian 11, Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 22.04. That distro features FreePBX-16 but will not support commercial modules. All open source modules of FreePBX are supported.

FreePBX utilizes old versions of PHP and NPM that are not automatically installed on newer OS releases. If you need commercial modules, you are better off staying on the reservation with the FreePBX distros which have the older versions of various distros baked in.


I see. Thank you @kenn10 for your explanation. I’d need to run FreePBX on AWS. Is this AMI the way to go? The alternative is baking the ISO into an AMI in some way.

I’m running FreePBX official distro on AWS. You can start from a VMWare VM and convert it to AWS format, then upload it and you have a FreePBX Distro running on AWS


This can be definitely an approach. What about the official support for that?

Not sure about support, never needed it, but definitely can run commercial modules.

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Thank you!

Curious about your AWS requirement. Are you aware that a 5-minute install with Ubuntu 22.04, Asterisk 20, and FreePBX 16 is available on CrownCloud for $25/year with a free snapshot backup??

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Hi @annabell, for the moment I’m just testing the flexibility of the installation. I work for a little shop that usually resells Cisco solutions. I’m exploring alternatives for small and medium businesses. So, no hard requirements, but I’d like to stick to AWS for business reasons.

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