Installation Get stuck

Hello all,

I am facing a strange issue with the installation of the freepbx,
While installing the software on the step the system shown a dark screen during the installation of the packages, this installation get stuck at "detecting hardware:… line _

Hope already here have experimented ,

Thanks !

Please provide all the information. Such as, ISO, Version, What type of machine, how you’re installing it, etc. All the information.

Thanks to your reply,

I am trying t install a FreePBX-32bit-6.12.65,iso which is burn into a DVD, the machine is a Dell XPS.The system was attempted to boot on the DVD inserted on the machine,also an iternet connection is available,

Look forward to your reply.

Thanks !

That’s a 64 bit machine, please use the 64 bit ISO. Also, please use a current ISO:

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Checking this out now_ I will let you know.

I just based on the idea that a 32 bits would work great on 64bits.

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No. 32 bit is only for very old hardware.


Is that can load on a UBS drive ?
I am running out of disk DVD-CD . Please let me know.

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USB Image is here:

Got it now !

Thanks !


The installation was successful, but after a few hours when i logged in to system via gui, i was unable to access the system via gui ,i got a web page error >> general error 1030 got error 134 from storage engine

Could you please help me again ???

Thanks !

You only need to ask your questions once.

Googling that error leads you to find that you have a corrupt database table. Being that this is a new install, I would believe that you have bad hardware, and you should stop using it.