Installation FreePBX

Hello Everybody,

Ive been stuk for a while now and realy need help.

I have a Suse Open Enterprise 10.3 (XEN) with the latest version of Asterisk installed.
I’ve tried to install Asterisk GUI. But given op hope.
Now im trying to install FreePBX because i heard that was more easy.

I’ve installed Pear…
Now i have to install DB, but im stuck… i dont know what to do… downloading with Pear doesent work. I cant add to my yast downloadsources… can someone help me out… maby have a tutorial where i can work from… because alot commands doesent work on my machine… im working only testbase… the GUI-shell isnt installed…

I take it either you didn’t download it from this site, or when you were on the download page you didn’t take the time to read the rest of the page?

At the bottom of the download page (last paragraph) there is a link to the installation page which has documentation on how to install FreePBX for many different linux distros SuSE included.

To install DB, or if you aren’t sure whether you have it installed, you can use pear. pear list will show a list of installed packages. To install DB either run pear install DB
on the command line

I have read this but i doesent work for me… ive installed pear but al the commands doesnt work…

susevirt:~ # pear install DB-1.7.14RC1
-bash: pear: command not found

Go back and re-read the docs, the whole thing not just to point you have posted here.