Installation & Configuration of the unknown

Hello everyone. Here in my organization we use SNOM 320/710 Series VOIP phones. Our phone system is Asterisk - Elastix with the add-on assistance of FREE PBX. The phone system itself is logged in thru an ‘SSH’ session with the username ‘root’…and is (CLI)/rhino (web) interface based. Finally…the OS version or platform our phone system runs on is CentOS/Asterisk Elastix 2.x. Can anyone give some insight on how to manage a phone system with these same or similar resources? Thank you!

It sounds like it might be time to upgrade to a straight FreePBX system. Elastix is no more (and will be a commercial product if it ever comes back).

Basically, your system is pretty much a FreePBX system already. All you need to do is get rid of the Elastix branding and identify the “Elastix only” stuff that might throw a wrench into the works, From the sounds of it so far, though, you’re using the basic FreePBX system already, with some additional branding.