Installare Gerdes PrimuX 4S2M su Freepbx

sto cercando di installare una card Gerdes PrimuX 4S2M su un server che ospita Freepbx 16.0.33 ma senza successo. Qualcuno potrebbe indicarmi una guida o fornirmi gentilmente delle indicazioni su come fare ?
Grazie in anticipo

You need to ask the vendor. This will be in competition with Sangoma products, and, in any case, in most places, ISDN is being replaced by VoIP, so it is unlikely that anyone has recent experience.

Based on the minimal information from the manufacturer, it might work with chan_capi, but chan_capi is third party code, and will require compiling Asterisk from source. Looking at the update dates on Github, you may find that it won’t build against current versions of Asteirsk.

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