Install Xserver or some GUI other than web interface to freepbx

Don’t ask me why… I’m just the middle man here asking a question…
I have a client that has FreePBX installed on a Nano PC / appliance.
4 core Intel® Atom™ CPU D2550 @ 1.86GHz
4gb mem
Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
1 1049kB 316MB 315MB primary ext4 boot
2 316MB 59.2GB 58.9GB primary ext4
3 59.2GB 60.0GB 804MB primary linux-swap(v1)

that’s my hardware info I would think you need…

the client would like a backup done of the whole pc/appliance - we want to use the Linux agent from Shadow Protect, but this requires a GUI to be installed, so the question is can I install Xserver or some other GUI, to launch applications such as Shadow Protect, or other types of Linux agents that monitor the device.

Will this corrupt the web GUI? Will it even install? I’m going to attempt to install the ver 13 distro on a VM server to test it out.

I also know that it has its own backup which I’m using already.

Just need some outside of the box thinking and help on this if anyone has attempted something like this before.

thanks in advance.

There is already prior art on this concept. Look for post about “Warm Spares” and see if those relatively simple solutions might help you. Most of these provide a level of image backup that will serve your client’s needs nicely, assuming he isn’t married to some stupid thing that his brother-in-law talked him into.

You can, but X is not recommended because of all of the security holes it opens.

FreePBX is a Web-based GUI, so adding additional GUI elements may or may not be simple. The admin interface runs from the http://whatever/admin link, so adding additional interfaces may or may not work depending on whether or not they behave nicely. For example, the GUI for TimeTrex Community can run on the same Web Interface as FreePBX (I do it all the time). Other well behaved web front ends can also run in the same webserver.

Having said that - if you screw this up, it’s on you to fix it. You are travelling into 7th-level Mage territory, so it’s incumbent on you that you understand what you are doing and how you are doing it.

If you install an X server on the PBX you will also need to install window manager, supporting tools, etc; probably much more than you need.

It is easy to tunnel X over SSH so that you can just run the X server locally (XQuartz on a Mac, not sure about Windows - last time I did it years ago I used a product called Hummingbird Exceed). Then just ssh to your PBX and start the Shadow Protect program and it appears on your locally running X server.

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