Install won't connect to the internet

I am VERY new to all of this, although I have many old years of Unix experience.

So, I downloaded FreePBX-1.816.210.58-x86_64-Full-1348164205.iso, burned a DVD and booted from it. The install seemed to work OK but bailed out indicating that it could not access the internet.

I believe the NIC hardware is working in that this machine was just on the internet yesterday, but through Windows. I believe that I have the IP address stuff correct, but I am not totally sure.

I am now sitting at a CentOS prompt and wondering how to diagnose my internet connection problem. I’ve found several interesting pages on the web, but all seem to assume that a network connection is available.



Type ‘ifconfig’ and post output.

I finally isolated a problem with an Ethernet switch and with it bypassed the system can get to the internet. It did so and seemed to load lots of packages. However, at the end it simply puts up a CentOS lynix login prompt.

All can do is login as root - what then?

I don’t understand your question. You should have a CentOS prompt and you can log in as root.

Have you read the getting started docs? FreePBX is web based.

I finally tripped over the appropriate post install instructions and, so far as I can tell as a first-time user of FreePBX, things are working as advertised.

I’m sure I’ll be back to this forum often in the future, but for now, this thead can be considered complete.

Unless of course, someone would like to weight in on the best phone hardware to connect both to non-VOIP phones and phone service through ComCast!

There is no “best” choice, just choices that fit your needs and budget.

For non VOIP phones you will need FXS hardware to connect, to connect to “phone service” either FXO or TDM (T1 or E1 or J1) hardware depending on your service and location.

ComCast uses DOCSIS for VOIP which is not supported by Asterisk, but if you have an RJ11 on your box it will look like an FXO and will be much the same as a POTS service.

You have a choice of internal hardware cards or more expensive but usually better “gateway” hardware for all the above.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the Documentation section on this site and maybe add

for depth.

I would start a new thread on that subject or clarify this thread.

While Asterisk/FreePBX supports analog phone lines Analog and Digital don’t play well and “dumbs down” the ability of the PBX.

If you share your application and goals I am sure you will get plenty of advice and opinions.