Install new licence of Free Fax for Asterisk


I have set up a working installation of Asterisk in our HK office running in a VM. I copied the VM and brought it to Australia to set it up here. Everything works apart from the faxing. I figured this must be because the Free Fax for Asterisk licence can’t be used twice even though they are separate installations.

So I went and applied for a new licence but do not seem to be able to install it. The Digium Addons for Free Fax shows Max Registrations. I have tried clicking on the uninstall button but to no effect. It says it is uninstalled but comes up with Max Registrations again as soon as you install it again.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to uninstall the existing licence or fix the problem.


Hi All,

In case anyone else has the same issue it is now fixed.

I found the licence and moved it. I unistalled the Free Fax for Asterisk software on the Digium Add-on screen all to no avail. It kept saying Max Registrations.

In the end I uninstalled and reinstalled the entire Digium add-ons module under the Module administration. Came up as a fresh install. Installed the new licence for Free Fax for Asterisk and everything is working.


For inbound faxing you wouldn’t have to use the Digium Free Fax licenses if you installed using the FreePBX Distro. The Distro utilizes Spandsp for faxing.