Install HA on existing Freepbx server

we have an existing Free PBX server FreePBX 12.0.68 ‘VoIP Server’ and we would like to upgrade to HA however, we don’t want to reinstall the distro with HA. I was want to know if I can install a new slave server with HA and then install the HA portion onto my existing FreePBX server.?

Also if anyone could chime in if they used the HA and how well it works?

No you can not take a non HA system and make it HA. The disk setup for HA has different logic then non HA setup.

What you can do is bring up a new HA server. Do a backup and restore of your PBX onto the server then setup HA on it

So does that work… my worry was the phones in the field will stay hooked onto the old system even it the IP is the same…

so if that’s the case should I not have the HA option in my menu set if I didn’t install the Distro with HA?

The module is still presented as their is no way for the module at install time to know. But if you tried to do anything with it the first set of checks would fail and tell you the machine is not capable of HA.

Thanks it looks like I will have to install a new server. Do I need a HA license both for Both servers, or do I need just one license?

You need a HA license for each server

what does HA do that is Needs 250GB of space.? does it really need that or does it not use that much space unless I start using HA in the feature. ?

It needs it for how its going to setup the partions for the block level replication.