Install Freepbx on Asterisk/Freebsd

Hello people, I need know if that is possible install freepbx for freebsd, I’ve install asterisk and work perfectly, but I can’t install freepbx, please if any body have a link with the manual I purchase that…

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Hi All,

I have followed these instructions:

What is the next steps to actually getting FreePBX installed, as there is no setup of the MYSQL database …etc.
There is absolutely no mention of SVN.

I am stuck, any points to another wiki or doco would be appreciated. is dead.

*link Removed

Edit: Link was referencing FreePBX 2.1 a VERY OLD version of freepbx

Please see for a guide to installing on FreeBSD.


I know you were trying to be helpful but don’t link to that very very old version of FreePBX (2.1) we are on 2.11 now (ten version ahead)

Hi, tm1000! You are absolutely right. But, it was link on same version from bammbr. And its only one known attempt to port freepbx for FreeBSD - and as I know its only one working version for FreeBSD. Correct me if I wrong.

If you see the post below this one you will see that I have created a guide to walk users through installing on FreeBSD, though not finished it won’t take me too much longer after I compile the rest of the ports. Once that is done everything will work similar to how it works in Cent or Ubuntu.

Dear, tm1000! I see post below and as you say it’s not complete. I also trying to install freepbx-2.11.0beta1.tar.gz on FreeBSD 9.0 and problems is not only in set of ports but also in program code itself. I find out that code have wrong paths, commands and devices that comes from linux and different with FreeBSD. If you could solve such problems it will be great not only for me but for all FreeBSD users.

We released beta2 about three weeks ago.

Anyways you need to be using SVN to take advantage of the “paths” and “commands” that we have fixed.

Plus you MUST use bash!

In SVN freepbx is not presented.

I have no idea what you mean by that statement. Furthermore the revision number you listed (r311055) is FAR from our revision number (r15022). So where are you even getting that from?

I have subversion installed on FreeBSD 9.0 not 9.1