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We have a client who has Asterisk 1.2.26. I think this is a very old version installed. The guy who installed Asterisk left the company. I know FreePBX a lot better. Is there a way to install the FreePBX Webgui only on an existing Asterisk installation?


Sorry, there is no “decompiler” that would take hand written Asterisk dial plan and convert it to FreePBX database entries. If the system configuration is fairly simple, I suggest that you examine the dial plan and create extensions, trunks, etc. on a separate FreePBX system. Once that’s working well, cut over the existing phones and trunks.

Okay thanks - could you please guide to a quick reference sheet with the important commands for Asterisk? Also where is the pwd stored to register new phones in Asterisk? This is a problem too, since they don’t know the pwd to register new phones. Thanks,

No one knows how your Asterisk is installed.
I suggest you have to read through some Asterisk HowTo’s.
I would start with
which is the default installation path.
There you will find a “sip.conf” (Extension / Trunk Config) and a “extension.conf” (Dialplan Config)
Try to start with these two files. Perhaps there are some other config files included. No one really knows.

Thanks - helpful information. Yes no one know… applies to my client too…

if ehat you have it works in any way, leave it as it is for now.

install FreePBX on new hardware or ‘the cloud’ while reading the wiki at the top of this page, it is a very iterative process, as you develop your skills you will add trunks and extensions (soft and/or hard).

you will then be in the position to move your ‘legacy’ phones and numbers to yournew pbx.

there is lots to learn, but if you get stuck there is paid help at the top of this page

Yes I agree to set up parallel a new PBX based on FreePBX. I’m familiar with FreePBX and have it installed a few times.

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