Install Freepbx by usb fails

I select iso ( version 2306-1) from freepbxdistro , put it in usb drive (rufus4.4), and then :frowning_face::

Try writing it in DD mode.

Try to re-write maybe your USB stick is faulty? Personally i use BalenaEtcher you can try it.

Whenever you create an iso image, it is essential that it’s ‘checksum’ is identical to the one published with the image you downloaded.

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Thank you for reminding me, I download the file with suffix .md5sum, use the command certutil -hashfile .\SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2306-1.iso MD5, the output is as same as the line in file, b71b67f10dfb64bf599389942929d13c. The issue is not here.

@kissdata How you did setup Network settings, Manuel Static IP or DHCP ?
And what is your Default DNS server ?

thank you, I succeeded to install it with your advice. I usually prefer to use rufus, the BalenaEtcher (v1.18.11) have 147M, which is much bigger than Rufus.

I don’t have this aspect knowledge, there are two network interface in my device, I use one. and then click a button in this page, so it is DHCP? :thinking:

it seems that I can’t set the custom password? i use the automatic install, at last page, it say “Root password is set”, “User asterisk will be created”, but I don’t know the password …

If still you are seeing same installation error Errno 256 Then next test try to setup manuel IP ( Static IP ) with some Public DNS && && instead of your Privet DNS… ( Don’t use for now
You don’t need worry for Asterisk Manager Password after installed you can find it in a WebGUI and you can change it.

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SangomaDefaultPassword then ensure you change it once installed.

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