Install Freepbx 13 on Ubuntu 14.04 (REMOTE MYSQL DATABASE)

Hi All

I’ve tried to install Freepbx 13 Asterisk 13.13.1 using remote MYSQL databases (all databases) … it’s seem to be configure all parameters to localhost databases

but I couldn’t find this option in fwconsole script to do that …So i tried to modify source code in different files :
AMPDBUSER -> IP for remote host …

but still there’s a problem when I to update modules

is there any a better way ?

What did you have to change in these two files?

Are you sure you correctly configured it? Check /etc/freepbx.conf to make sure you actually set it up correctly.

$dsnarr[‘host’] = isset($amp_conf[‘AMPDBHOST’])?$amp_conf[‘AMPDBHOST’]:‘REMOTE_IP’;

I tried to configure from installation steps same in FreePBX 12 with --db_host option but I could find this option
so I changed the files then start install FreePBX by issue “./install”
… after finish installation the changes was applied on /etc/freepbx.conf …

but the problem is all modules will reset the all REMOTE_IP to local IP …

Go into freepbx.conf and add AMPDBHOST to your ip. Now you don’t have to change files.

I did what you said … unfortunately didn’t work
after I run this command :
fwconsole ma refreshsignatures

it will looking for db_host -> localhost …

Did you also change the advanced setting

No … I didn’t change any things in advance settings …

Is there option for remote DB in installation ?
if not how can configure that ?
do I need to install DB in localhost … then change IP from /etc/freepbx.conf … then DUMP database into remote host ?

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