Insert disk 1 prompt stopping instillation

Trying to install FreePBX-5.211.65-12-x86_64-Full-1398376579.iso on an ASUS E100 server (been running PIAF 5.11 on it for about 6 months) and I’m having difficulty getting past the “insert disk 1” prompt.

On a whim, I downloaded FreePBX-6.12.65-10-x86_64-Full-1398493407.iso, it installs fine and does not display the “insert disk 1” issue.

Any ideas on what I can try to get the stable version going?

You may wish to file a bug at be sure to choose freepbx dostro for project and include the steps you took when you got this message including install option. You may update your running install just search for update.

Did you perform an MD5’s hash check against the downloaded FreePBX Distro 5.211.65’s ISO file?

Yes, hash checksums on all downloaded files were good.

As a workaround to this issue I downloaded FreePBX-5.211.65-10-x86_64-Full-1396846364.iso which did not have the “insert disk 1” issue and ran the update scripts to bring the distribution current.

Where do you get the insert disk 1 error. After what steps?

I am doing a install now of that exact system on a Atom machine and it worked fine. Its running firstboot now.

If the checksum is correct, then something has happened in the step of burning it to a DVD.

You can verify a burnt dvd by hitting the key at the installer’s boot screen and typing ‘mediacheck’ then pressing

If that fails, (which I am almost certain it will) re-burn the Disc.