Initiating a call from UCP call history or contacts

I have started playing with UCP and find that clicking on number links brings up: Select an Action > Originate Call > Initiate

It then shows From: (my extension number) To: (contact name or CID name)

I click on the Originate button below that and nothing happens.

There is a line below the button and in the bottom section far right there is the number ‘200’ which means nothing to me.

I have checked various permissions: ‘All Users’ group is set to Enable Originating Calls and the extension user has been tried with being set to Inherit and also explicitly set to yes.

Any suggestions on what I try next.

Hi Les:

Working for me, but there was a recent commit to fix a bug:

If you are not on UCP ver. v14.0.2.5, then upgrade to edge with:

fwconsole ma --edge upgrade ucp
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Thank you. Done and working

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Just a follow up on usability - primarily the logging of such calls.

Doing a test call from Contacts I find that:

  1. The S500 phone on my desk shows and incoming call from ‘210’ (my extension. There is no indication of the number called, but I can sort of understand that the phone is not actually making the call - it is receiving a call initiated by a ‘phantom’ 210.

  2. The CDR shows the incoming call 210 to 210 and then the call from to 210 to the external number. So that is as expected.

  3. The UCP Call History shows the same.

So overall I’m very happy with the way it works. Moved a long way forward since the PIAF 2.11 days.

Just a quick question:

In the Call History Description column there are CID entries of the form “cid name” [cid number]

For these type of entries the cid number appears as a hyperlink that can be clicked to initiate a call.

There are also entries which are pure phone numbers (typically outgoing numbers) which cannot be clicked.

Why can’t such numbers initiate a call?

A related point is that it would be very nice if outgoing calls also appeared in a proper CID format rather than as a bare number.

Most such numbers originate from sources where there is a known name associated with the number - they were redials of incoming numbers or came from Contacts. It would be most useful if that were to appear together with the name.

I assume the issue is that the CDR file format does not allow for that. Would pushing each number through CID Superfacta when displaying such numbers be too expensive in resources?

You can file a feature request.

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