Initial set-up help

If I only wanna use the minimum or basic functions of FreePBX, all I need to set up is extensions (under Applications tab), Inbound/Outbound Routes (under Connectivity tab), trunks, Zap Channel DIDs, right?

Are you using analog trunks? You need to configure your drivers and such so they can talk to Asterisk.

You did not tell us what OS and stuff you are install FreePBX on so it is hard to comment.

Sorry, I’m really new to PBX in general. What do you mean by analog trunks? You mean whether I am connecting Asterisk with a router and analog local phone line? Currently, I’m using Centos but I might go back to debian.

How do your phone lines connect?

I use Linksys SPA 3102, which is connected with an analog phone, internet, and phone line. Linksys is connected with a local server.

You don’t need any ZAP DID’s just an inbound “catch all” to receive calls from the SPA3102 on the phone line.

Did you read the how to’s and getting started guides?

I don’t need ZAP DID?! I have read the article and set it up accordingly; however, it didn’t work properly. So if I had the SPA 3102, I only set up incoming/outgoing call settings, right?

Zap DID’s are only if using devices that use DAHDI drivers (mostly internal cards).

Read the how to I sent the link on. The SPA3102 is programmed to send a pseudo DID when it sends the call to FreePBX that you can use for inbound route.