Initial GUI Password / Root Console Password don't match?

I feel like a complete noob for asking but, doesn’t the initial passwords setup in FreePBX15 match the console password? I know the username for the GUI can be chosen (admin) in my case, but I’ve tried logging into the console as root and the same initial password I created and it doesn’t seam to be working. I still have access to the web GUI and verified that I’m using the password I intially setup, just can’t seam to logon via SSH or the local console as root.

This is just a test machine and I was thinking of just nuking and reinstalling but I’ve already bothered support to reset the ZEND on my deployment ID and I’d rather not bother them again.

Using the FreePBX15 Distro

Its OS dependant but

might get you there

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Not unless you make it the same on purpose.

I would never do that. That is asking for trouble.

During install you set the root password here. If you skipped that, there is probably no root password.

I remember there being a “default” root password (something ridiculous in all caps) that was used if a new one wasn’t included at boot up. Something about quick script-kiddies.

Try “SangomaDefaultPassword” and “sangoma” (without the quotes).

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Thanks everyone the help. I went braindead and finally remembered the root password I had set initially.

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I was spinning up a new instance yesterday and recalled this thread, so I let the process complete without entering a root password.

You must set a root password.

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