Initial Audio Drops Sangoma P Series Phones


I’ve found one similar post on this issue. I’ve tried to contact support however it sends me a link to verify my account and after clicking this link it returns a webpage error. I’ve contacted general support and specified the issue is not being able to verify my account but have not heard back and it’s been two weeks now.

Anyways - I’m hopeful that someone may have seen this problem and have a resolution as it’s beginning to bring our companies decision to purchase all Sangoma hardware and move to PBX into question with our accounting and management departments.

The first word after silence on our P-series phones is dropping part or all of the word. All of our users have experienced this to some extent but it hasn’t been a major issue for most of them. Where it has been a major issue is with our accounting department. They issue credit card payments over the phone with our bank which requires inputing digits on the phone and then having an automated machine read them back. Often time you will not hear certain numbers read back. Another example is if I call in and say “test test” often only one of the tests will be picked up.

This is confirmed to be an issue with the physical handsets - all 15 of them so perhaps a software problem? We have a paid module for Sangoma connect and installed the desktop application on the computer of two of our accounting personal. There computers LAN is passed through the handset. There has been 0 dropouts as described above while using the desktop application. In contrast using the physical handsets it happens a dozen times or more every few minutes as described above. When carrying on a conversation normally it isn’t immediately apparent that an issue is present.

Really not sure what can be done but hopefully there is an answer out there somewhere… I will try contact support again before the weekend as well.

Thank you for any assistance anyone can provide!
Ryan Pratt

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This might not be it but what firmware is loaded on your phones? Are they fully up to date?

For further troubleshooting you may have to enable call recording and listen back to these calls to see what the phone system is hearing. If it’s not hearing the same things as the phone end of things then it wouldn’t be a handset issue.

Another way to test audio is to dial *43 from the phone for the echo test, which would allow you to hear yourself and try to replicate the problem.

Have capture packets to verified as a devices problems?

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