Inherited a FreePBX but no passwords

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I have inherited a FreePBX at a customer site. The previous IT guy set it up and then went radio silent and didn’t provide any documentation. I have tried logging into it via command line (usb keyboard and monitor), serial (I only see the option to edit BIOS, no login or command line) and GUI. None of the default passwords that I’ve found online work, nor do any of his known “standard” passwords. I’d love to get into it without having to do a reset. Are there any solutions or is the customer hosed?

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You can boot into single user mode or a Live boot device to reset root password. Once you get console/ssh access restored, you can update the FreePBX admin password in the database.

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Once you gain root access, you can get to the gui using fwconsole unlock

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As @adell4444 said single user mode is how you get into any Linux system.

Look for instructions for CentOS as that is the base prior to FreePBX 14. Even if it is FreePXB 14+ and thus SNG7, it was still factored around CentOS 7.

CentOS 6:
CentOS 7:

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