Information showed on CDR Reports module

Hello good morning,

On the CDR reports module when you press “Search” appears info. related with the duration field instead of the billsec field.

The billsec field is usually more interesting than duration field.

Could you update the module to show the info. related with this field when you press the “Search” button?

On the other way, could you put an export pdf option?

Best regards

Miguel Sanz

Hi Miguel,

Just a thought.
Why not have a simple bit of PHP that lives on the PBX that does the cdr searching for you and then simply have Excel pull the results into a workbook ready to format, Graph and print as you desire. Or you could do all the formatting in Php and simply print the web page as normal. Or find a PDF creator and bolt that in as well.
Too many options.

I have done this recently and now use the same approach to see 7 day history of concurrent calls, duration, wait times along with extension use and estimated bill based on a lookup with a rates table.

I think the problem with having Freepbx present an output suitable for everyones needs is a never ending project in itself but there is always a way to get the results you desire using the current tools and some imagination.

If you need a hand on the Php stuff just ask.


Hello hiddenvision

Thanks by your reply, the problem is that I know very little about php code.

Could you share with me your modificated code (Or at least say me what parts of code should try to modify)?

Best regards

Miguel Sanz

I have found this post:

If you are familiar with ODBC objects and Excel, you can import the data into Excel yourself from the MySQL database “asteriskcdrdb” table “cdr”. This way, you don’t have to mess with the code in FreePBX and don’t need to attach to the PBX management website to perform whatever reporting you are trying to accomplish.

Yep, what that fella said.
Cynjut hit it on the head for the fastest approach.
mine started off as a web based thing for other reasons and excel was just used to graph the output.

I shall tidy up the php later and make it available if wanted.
It was not any Modification,
it was a standalone page that simply querys the cdr table.
Nothing to do with Freepbx directly apart from it sitting on the same box,
although that is not required if you wanted to keep things separate.

It would still need some understanding on what you want to query and the php changing accordingly although you could pass the query string on the fly so it may be unwanted complication.

But best to setup the ODBC connection as Dave mentioned and then you are rocking.

If you want the php then give me a quick idea of what output you want to see,
ie: the answer to your query, and I shall do my best to tinker with it to give you useful starting point. or if you know SQL then just paste your query here and I shall make the page give you the output desired.


I would like to see your php script with something that includes concurrent call, perhaps the report you mentioned earlier with out the billing part. If it matters I am using Asterisk13/Freepbx13

Thank, Gary

Hey All,
Well I extracted some of the useful parts from my cdr page.

I also wrapped up a simple excel workbook that may or may not work.
I find excel very funkey with this sort of data collection.
But hey it is quick and dirty and good stepping stones to a final product.

I hope that the powers that be are happy with me posting a link here,
time will tell I guess.
Ahh watch out it may open the page in this window.
I do not want to take you away from the forum
so right click and open in a new tab/window OR
CTRL + Click if preferred.

excuse the format, it was only a hack and paste from an existing page.

If there are any questions then start a new thread rather than hijack this one.


Thanks hidden,

Next monday I will take a look about your code

Best regards

Miguel Sanz