Information about setting up Sangoma SBC with FreePBX



I’m working through the configuration of the Sangoma SBC with FreePBX, with the aim of configuring the SBC between my FreePBX and a new BT SIP Trunk. I’m following the Sangoma training videos and all is good until I get to the bit about SIP trunking, then I find they have a different version of SBC with ACL’s than mine. I dont have ACLs on my version.

Then I look at the Sangoma Wkik/docs, and they give different instructions for setting up the SBC than their own videos!

So, first question is - is there a definitive resource showing how this SBC should be set up with FreePBX? (Their training videos use PBXact, which is different).

And does anyone know if/how I can update the software on my sangoma SBC?

Thanks, and apologies for basic questions but I’m just starting out.


Ok, I think I’m getting somewhere. My brand new Sangoma SBC was shipped with very old software. So I’ve managed to work out how to upgrade to the latest version, and I now have the ACL menu items, which means I can continue to follow the training videos.

So, new users note - If you buy a new sangoma SBC, the FIRST thing you should do is upgrade the software to the latest version.

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